Back to Batoche – Métis Virtual Gathering: July 20–26, 2020

The show must go on

In light of the current limitations on social gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are working on a virtual celebration for Back to Batoche 2020. While a physical gathering is not possible this year, we will celebrate nonetheless.

Please check back for more information and announcements about how we will be marking this year’s Back to Batoche and how you can participate in the celebration.

Last Year's Greetings from Minister Warren Kaeding

As the Minister of Government Relations and Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs, I warmly welcome everyone to the 2019 Back to Batoche festival.

Back to Batoche provides citizens young and old from across Canada the opportunity to gather together to celebrate Métis culture and history.  The festival showcases the vibrancy of Métis culture in its many activities, including jigging, storytelling, food, fiddling, competitive games and singing.  Family and friends enjoy the opportunity to reconnect and honour the rich contributions of Métis people and culture to the colourful mosaic of our Canadian society.

It is important to commemorate significant historical events such as the 1885 Resistance at Batoche and ensure those struggles are not forgotten.

We recognize the tremendous commitment the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan’s (MNS) has made to this festival over the past 49 years.  It is wonderful to see the array of events planned for this year. I congratulate the organizers on preparing another incredible event.

The festival has a significant economic impact of the festival on the neighbouring communities.

Saskatchewan’s motto is, “From Many Peoples Strength.” The proud heritage of the Métis community and its contemporary contributions helps build and maintain the strength of our province.

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to support the sharing of Métis culture through helping to sponsor this festival.

I wish everyone a fun and enjoyable time at the 2019 Back to Batoche festival. 

Warren Kaeding
Minister of Government Relations and Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs


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